A Guide to Hiring a Commercial Plasterer in Sydney

Constructing a commercial building in Sydney today could cost you a hand and foot. It’s indeed a costly project considering the increasing cost of building materials. It would be rewarding if everything is done perfectly – from laying down of the foundation to the setting up of the roof and everything between there. This can only be possible if you have the right contractors on your side. Plastering is a sensitive task and it is important to choose your plasterer wisely if you want the job done faultlessly. There are many commercial plasterers in Sydney, both rogue and genuine. If you want to have a competent commercial plasterer Sydney could offer, you need to go an extra mile in your search. But how can you determine that a plasterer you spotted on the internet or was recommended by a friend is the best deal? Here are some tips to help you find the best commercial plasterer Sydney has to offer.


What credentials does the plasterer have? Do not fall victim to a “cowbow plasterer” who has not attained any plastering training whatsoever. To prevent this from happening, ask your plasterer to show copies of their academic credentials. Ensure that they have acquired their training in conjunction with the leading plastering industry.

Unlike residential plasterers, commercial plasterers need to acquire advanced plastering courses. You may look for qualifications such as level 2/3 diploma in plastering or level 3 (NVQ) diploma in plastering. With such training you can be rest assured that your plasterer is qualified in technical information, health and safety, installing components and applying plaster on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Experience is of great importance in plastering work. Experience is particularly important for commercial plasterers. A commercial plasterer with a wealth of experience under his belt has most likely handled very complex projects in Sydney. He can deal with any kinds of mishaps during the project which will help to run it swiftly and smoothly. You’ll consequently save time and money. They are mostly likely to have interacted with other reputable tradesmen in Sydney such as electricians, plumbers and landscapers, and they can recommend them to the project.


A reputable plasterer is certainly competent. A good way to tell of a plasterer’s reputation is to get the comments of past clients. A good plasterer Sydney professional will have multiple positive testimonials on their website. You should ask for phone numbers of past clients. A reputable plasterer will be willing and glad to provide this information. When you call the references, be sure to ask for the quality of services of the plasterer. Can they recommend the plasterer enthusiastically?

Customer support

With good customer service, the project is likely to flow smoothly. You need to be sure that your commercial plasterer has good customer support. Is he respectful? Is he punctual for appointments? How fast does he respond to phone calls and emails? How does he communicate with his clients? Having a good rapport with your plasterer will ensure the success of the project.

Author: Sofia Scott

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