Renting or Buying Restaurant Space: How to Find the Perfect Spot

Renting or purchasing space for your restaurant without a plan is like walking into a supermarket without a shopping list. You go in with the intention of purchasing milk and walk out with a TV worth $200. In other words, planning is the most important decision you are making for your business, even before you get in touch with a commercial real estate Caloundra company.

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As you look for restaurant space, whether for rent or commercial property for sale Sunshine Coast QLD has available, watch out for these things. You may compromise on some, but you should tick off many of these tips for finding the perfect spot.

Find a good landlord

Simply put, a bad landlord translates to a bad experience for your business. Bad landlords are usually non-communicative from the first moment and they can be sketchy.

If the landlord is unresponsive when he or she should be selling you space, imagine how it will be like after you have signed the lease. What you need is a responsible, responsive landlord willing to move fast and assist when things go wrong with your commercial space.

Find the right amount of space

Whether you are looking to buy or rent commercial property for your restaurant business, it is critical that it is neither too big nor too small. Hopefully, you have already worked on your restaurant’s concept since this will determine how much space you will need.

For example, if you are looking to a pub with an open floor plan, you do not want a commercial real estate Caloundra companies sell with high ceilings. On the other hand, if you are opening a sports bar, you do not want a tiny space that will occupy only two tables.

Check out prospective neighbours

When looking at a property, make sure you scope out the businesses in the neighbourhood. Are they tidy, clean, and friendly establishments? Or, is the area around the property dotted with trash on the sidewalk?

The condition of the immediate neighbourhood of your business will affect your business. Therefore, make sure that you are surrounded by businesses that adhere to the same vision you have.

Location, location, location

A critical component for any restaurant is the location. If the location is too out of the way or too hard to find, your restaurant will suffer from the moment you open the doors. On the other hand, a retreat out of the city is an exception to this rule. However, strive to buy or lease commercial space in an easy-to-get-to and well-trafficked area.

Parking for patrons

Having good parking options for your patrons is important. Most people do not like driving in circles as they look for parking. If you are in an area with possible parking problems, make sure you offer ample parking, or your competitor will offer your guests parking space.

Overall, choosing the right commercial real estate Caloundra has to offer for a restaurant takes effort, time, and several considerations. Consider enlisting the help of commercial real estate professionals like Henzells, and you will save yourself plenty of money, time, and a huge headache in the long run. For more information, visit

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