What You must Know when Installing Underfloor Heating Systems

Are you planning to install a floor heating kit to improve your home living experience? If so, read the following basic points that you must know before buying one.


Types of underfloor heating

There are two types of underfloor heating systems namely, the warm water system and the electric floor heating system. The former is the conventional type of floor heating in Australia and the rest of the world, especially the western part. This includes burying water pipes (usually 1.6cm in diameter) into the floor screed.

It is said to be the most energy-efficient floor heating system but is only applicable for first-built houses or extensions as this needs an entire flooring to be overhauled when replacing the existing heating system.

The other underfloor heating system is the electric floor heating structure. It is usually made of a mat on which electrical cables are arranged accordingly, and is connected directly to the home’s electrical circuit. This makes up the entire floor heating kit.
Types of insulation to choose

For ground floors which are built with a solid base, the floor heating kit in Australia which you have decided to install is usually laid directly on pre-installed polystyrene-type of insulation. This is as required by the government’s building regulations.

However, installing an underfloor heating system on upstairs rooms can be a little difficult as this will require a floor design that can perfectly incorporate floor heating system with panels pre-fitted to the floor.


Installing an underfloor heating system

When choosing the best floor heating kit perfect for your home, you need to be mindful of the different factors to consider. The list below states the basic things to think before installing your chosen Australian floor heating kit. Click here for Trade Warehouse


Choose the right installation method

Whether you choose the water or electric underfloor heating system, you need to make sure that that the installation approach used by your installation expert perfectly fit your home’s requirement for both the ground floor and the upper rooms. Take time to ask about the advantages of using such method to give you a little knowledge what they are doing.


Select only the most efficient floor heating kit

Make sure that your home is properly insulated to assess whether your chosen floor heating kit is efficient enough to emit heat that will circulate all throughout the room. Also, make sure that you won’t be cutting corners that much as that might only give you poor quality floor heating.


Think of alternative energy sources for your floor heating system

When installing an underfloor heating system, it is a good choice to think of an alternative energy source to power up your heating system. You can either make use of the modern and eco-friendly solar panels or custom-made inverters to make power usage efficient and economical.


Buy from only a reputable provider

When looking for the right underfloor heating system, you must find Australian floor heating kit providers who have already been known to have high-quality products which are reasonably priced. Also, make sure that you only buy authentic products from known distributors such as the Trade Warehouse. For more information, visit at https://tradewarehouse.com.au/heating/floor-heating.html


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